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West Virginia University Press

The Secret Lives of Church Ladies
By Deesha Philyaw

Finalist for the 2020 National Book Award

“In this year of constriction and pain, juicy goodness bursts from every page of Deesha Philyaw’s debut short story collection… This collection marks the emergence of a bona fide literary treasure.”
––Minneapolis Star Tribune

This Way Back
By Joanna Eleftheriou

“Intimate and a touch mournful, most powerfully so when the author writes about her sexuality… These essays reveal an impassioned and hard-fought sense of self and place.”
––Kirkus Reviews
(starred review)

Strong Arm Press

The Populist’s Guide to 2020: A New Right and New Left Are Rising
By Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti

“Enjoyable and dangerous… Ball and Enjeti aren’t unique in their ability to air the ruling class’s dirty laundry, but what’s special about these two is their knack for doing it in the vernacular.”

Tío Bernie: The Inside Story of How Bernie Sanders Brought Latinos Into the Political Revolution
By Chuck Rocha

Tío Bernie is a groundbreaking book that is both deeply personal and unapologetically political, because the two are intricately intertwined. Chuck’s personal journey gave him the insight and drive needed to pioneer the most successful Latino voter mobilization program to date. The inspiration and lessons found in Tío Bernie are ones no political operative can afford to do without.”
—Maria Cardona, Founder of Latinovations, Democratic Strategist

Rescue Press

Bright Archive
By Sarah Minor

“Sarah Minor’s sense of what an essay is, what it can look like, and what it can contain is way beyond what almost anyone else is even attempting. Open to any page in this book and you’re going to encounter something new. Every essay’s an invention, a new possession, and I for one am down with being possessed if the spirit that possesses me is like Minor’s, comprised of wonder, wit, and intelligence. Prepare to read differently: Bright Archive is a miracle.”
—Ander Monson

PEN America

Dare to Speak
By Suzanne Nossel

“Suzanne Nossel is one of the most courageous and sensible voices in America when it comes to the value of free speech. She’s especially persuasive, in my view, because she’s deeply empathetic—and sensitive to the harms that irresponsible speech can inflict. Her book is a real contribution to public discourse. If all Americans read it, our conversations would be so much more productive, and our democracy so much healthier.”
—Sewell Chan,
Editorial Page Editor, Los Angeles Times

The New Press

Empire of Resentment
By Lawrence Rosenthal

“In this clear-eyed, non-alarmist account, Rosenthal asks what history tells us about the rise of fascism and how close we’ve come to it. Whatever the outcome of the next presidential election, this book provides a brilliantly clear guideline for what to watch out for—and avoid.”
—Arlie Russell Hochschild

University of Nebraska Press

Celeste Holm Syndrome
By David Lazar

“This gorgeously written book makes many brilliant observations about the tiny nuances of ‘character actors’ and in so doing makes an unassailable case that because we are all bit players in the cosmic firmament, ‘interesting and endearing people’ are immeasurably more compelling than ‘heroes’ (whoever they might be).”
—David Shields

Harvard University Press

The Idealist
By Samuel Zipp

“This deeply researched and wonderfully written book leads us to wonder how the twentieth century might have unfolded if the United States had embraced Wendell Willkie’s ‘new world idea.’ It’s not too late, because Willkie’s wisdom rings through The Idealist and speaks urgently to today’s America.”
—Stephen Kinzer

Arcade Publishing

Madrid Again
By Soledad Maura

“What does it mean to belong (but not entirely) to two completely different countries and cultures? In her debut novel, Soledad Maura creates an indelible portrait of exile, longing, identity, and of one woman’s search for meaning amid the scraps and fables of the past. Madrid Again is a knockout––spare, lyrical, sexy, and haunting.”
––Peter Smith, author of A Good Family


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