Mahler Grooves

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A friend and former colleague in Princeton revived the iconic Mahler Grooves line of bumper stickers, also extending you the option of emblazoning the image onto mugs, T-shirts, and even an apron. Leonard Bernstein affixed the sticker to his score for Mahler’s 6th Symphony, the New Yorker music critic Alex Ross keeps his atop a Bob Dylan poster in his office, and, pictured above, my friend’s Dad slapped one on his Boston Whaler fishing boat. The Austrian composer is indeed grooving in early 2012, the centennial of his death: Gustavo Dudamel is in the midst of the Mahler Project, conducting all nine symphonies over five weeks in Los Angeles and Caracas. If you can’t make it to Caracas, tonight’s performance of the 8th Symphony, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, will be streamed live in movie theaters around the US at 5 pm ET.

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