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Andrea Lawlor profiled in New York Times

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Andrea Lawlor was profiled in the New York Times, with their close friend Jordy Rosenberg:

Lawlor’s debut novel, “Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl,” set in the 1990s and featuring a shape-shifting (and sex-obsessed) protagonist, was published last year by Rescue Press — and received enough attention that Vintage/Anchor and Picador will reissue the book next spring. Rosenberg’s first novel, “Confessions of the Fox,” which reimagines the legend of the 18th century English thief and jailbreaker Jack Sheppard as that of a transgender man, was put out this summer by One World — a recently relaunched Random House imprint dedicated to diversity — and promptly heaped with praise. (The New Yorker called it “a cunning metafiction of vulpine versatility.”)

It’s been a great pleasure watching Andrea’s continued success since the book’s launch last November. In the photo above, we caught up at the Brooklyn Book Festival, where they were on a panel with Alexander Chee and Rebecca Makkai, moderated by MJ Franklin.

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