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Sadly, Tony Judt did not live to see Occupy Wall Street, a movement he cried for in Ill Fares the Land, the first of three books he wrote as he was dying from ALS. (Along with The Memory Chalet and Thinking the Twentieth Century.) Judt would have been energized by the massive protests against the rampant economic inequality in our country and the irresponsibility of the financial industry which lead us into ruin. These were two of Judt’s chief concerns, and they will be explored at greater length this spring in three books which will more closely examine the causes of the recession and also speak to the protests that rose up in response to it: Inequality and Instablity by James K. Galbraith, The Great Divergence by Timothy Noah, and Twilight of the Elites by Chris Hayes. In 2010, when I was employed by Bloomsbury Press, I publicized the US launch of an important book on inequality called The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, who also run the Equality Trust. Wilkinson and Pickett’s extensive research is often the basis for any discussion on the corrosive effects of inequality, as they analyzed data from the World Bank, United Nations, and others to establish the correlation between inequality and a host of social ills. (Explained better by the manic marionnettes in the video above.) Nicholas Kristof wrote a column for the New York Times about The Spirit Level, and the book was featured on PBS’s NewsHour, Bill Moyers’s Journal, WBUR’s On Point, and Wilkinson recently gave a TED talk that’s been viewed nearly 1 million times. I created this Facebook page for The Spirit Level and updated it with all news and commentary related to inequality which kept Wilkinson and Pickett’s online audience informed not just about their work throughout the recession and Occupy Wall Street movement, but also the larger issues they championed.

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