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Kodak Moment

By March 29, 2012May 22nd, 2018No Comments

Kodak filed for bankruptcy last month, just as Nicole Gastonguay was sewing the eyeballs onto her most recent creation. The company’s downfall was inevitable since Kodak did not aggressively pursue the digital technology that, ironically, one of its engineers invented in 1975. In our era of social media, companies must evolve even more swiftly. The story of Facebook rising from the ashes of Friendster and MySpace is well-known, but to sustain its dominance, the social media giant has also incorporated elements of other services, like AOL’s IM, Evite, Foursquare, Gmail, Twitter, and YouTube, among others. Five years ago, when Nicole first started crotcheting, Flickr was a great online destination for photo sharing, and her most popular piece, TV Dinner (2007), has nearly 30,000 views. When she posted this last week, the response on Facebook came much quicker. (Remember every “like” is shared with friends.) Next up for Nicole? No one knows what the future holds for her needles and yarn…but there are plans for a Tumblr, of course. (Photo by Oliver Dalzell.)

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